Keynote: Revis(ualis)ing Intersectionality: The Ends of Visibility

This talk problematises the relationship between visual and political representation which is closely related to the ocularcentrism of Western modernity. Western knowledge production but also emancipatory political projects have strongly relied on metaphors of seeing as recognition. In this way, visuality is immediately sutured to questions of visibility as representation. This is a too narrow translation of visual representation as political agency and, accordingly, we should not simply confuse more visibility with social recognition or prematurely equate visuality and visibility. To bring into conversation the fields of intersectionality research and visual culture, we need to be aware of the complexities of how images operate and how they might influence the tenuous relationship of categorisation and identification. The talk will refer to numerous examples from the field of visual culture and propose a more pronounced focus on affects and relationalities rather than on identity categories whilst maintaining a sustained intersectional critique of power relations and the material effects these have on individuals and groups.

The keynote for the 9th Postcolonial Narrations will be delivered by Prof. Dr. Elahe Haschemi Yekani. Prof. Haschemi is a professor in the Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik at Humboldt Universität Berlin. She has worked on topics like the Anglophone novel, Black Atlantic and Diasporic Writing, Gender/Masculinity Studies and Queer Theory, Popular and Visual Culture, etc. More info here.